Thousand Island Dressing- One of the best

Ketchups are one of the most relished delights in the world of foodies. With so many varieties, we can always have our own pick according to what goes best with the taste of our dish. Another element of delight which not many of us know is that it is really simple to prepare one right there in the comfort of our homes. It hardly takes any time and the pre-prep is just as easy. It is always incredible to be able to play with the ingredients to suit one’s tastes.

One of the dressings that recently caught my attention and that goes really well with almost everything- sandwiches, burgers, seafood, all types of salads- is the Thousand Island Dressing.

Thousand Island Dressing

Read on to find the easiest Thousand Island Dressing recipe:

Ingredients required- Freshly ground black pepper, 1 cup mayonnaise, ½ clove garlic nicely minced, salt to taste, ¼ cup chilli sauce, 2 teaspoon sweet pickle relish, ½ large egg- hard cooked and finely chopped, minced onion and ketchup.

Procedure- Take a chef’s knife and mince garlic and salt together to make a rich paste. Mix well,  chilli sauce, onion and garlic, mayonnaise, eggs, relish and ketchup in another bowl until they combine. Add salt and pepper according to your own taste and enjoy!

You can refrigerate the preparation ad use upto two days.

It is important for me to state here that some people also add vinegar and a blend of ketchups and that tastes great too. But, I myself prefer a simpler version.

But then of course, there are people who want it simpler and I cannot blame them. There is something about the professional flavours that is hard to miss. And, for that we have ketchup suppliers in India and places like Veeba that are all about salads and dressings!


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