Honey Mustard: A Dressing and Dip all in One

Sandwiches for a long time mainly consisted of just butter or plain tomato ketchup as a way of adding a nice finishing touch, which brings together all the flavours. Since some time now, new and unique flavours have been introduced that not only give a simple sandwich or salad a different twist and still remain good for one’s health. Choosing healthier and more nutritious options is in demand these days, with more and more people realising that eating healthy food is important to maintain clean body functioning.

Honest mustard dressing is one such kind of a condiment that is rage these days with health conscious people. Both honey and mustard are considered to be good for health, with mustard having good digestive properties and honey being good for throat, weight issues and even skin. One can even make healthy honey mustard salad dressing at home or buy from a good brand. These days, even food companies are aware that they need to produce nutritious items for it to sell.


A great advantage to this kind of dressing is that is works perfectly as both a salad dressing and a dipping sauce. A lot of times, salad dressings can be quite runny and if used for a sandwich can make it soggy and not hold it as well as a more dense sauce. On the other hand, dipping sauces can be a little fatty and unhealthy if used too much.

Honey mustard salad dressing perfectly balances between being tasty and healthy. It is also versatile in that it can made a bit dense by using more mustard and reduce the amount the honey, or a bit more liquid making it a better option for a salad. But if one wants to add a bit of spice then a sweet chilli sauce is also a good option for both salads and sandwiches.


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