Packing your kid a lip smackin’ lunch!

As a mother, nothing is quite as disheartnening as opening an unfinished lunchbox after the little one comes back from school. We try and we try harder, but they still don’t seem to take the slightest bit of interest in their lunch! Let’s combat this universal problem with some lovely and handy lunch ideas:

  • Mini burgers: For a child, anything that they can gobble up in seconds before running out to play is something that they are ready to work with. Pack your child a nutritious yet delicious meal that he/she can easily consume. While burgers can be a handful, with things slipping out of their little hands, a cocktail burger is just the right size! A chicken patty, mini buns and some chicken/paneer is all you need! Smear some creamy sauces for that finishing touch like mayonnaise! India has some low fat healthy mayonnaise variants due to stellar brands like Veeba Sauces.Veeba mayonnaise india
  • Pasta frittata: Little ones can’t get enough of pasta, and a way to use the leftover pasta is to batter it up with eggs and cook it up in a non- stick pan! You will get a protein rich treat that your child will clean off the box! Just make sure you use a nice tangy pasta or pizza sauce In India, you get delicious cheese cubes that you can grate over your frittata for that extra touch
  • Sausage Frankie: Ketchup, cocktail sausage, cheese slice and a chapatti is all you need for this super yummy and healthy lunch! This quick- fix dish is sure to win you some points with the little ones.

Now that you know some seriously awesome luncheon recipes, you can expect that tiffin box to be licked clean every day!


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