Make a Deliciously Healthy Salad Snack

Food is the ultimate love of life – one sheer form of happiness that can never be replaced by anything. Where a major chunk of human race loves to live on the edge, and indulge in spoiling themselves over anything, there are people who keep a strict tab on their calorie intake and do not tolerate any non-sense with their diet. For gym rats, there is nothing better than a crunchy fresh veggies salad. However, the misconception is that most people think of salad to be overly nutritional, and within this they keep adding wrong ingredients that ultimately add extra calories in the body. Perceiving “salad” to be nutritional, people tend to add dollops of cheese, eggs, bacon, ham, beef or creamy dressings.

Veeba Sweet Chilli Sauce

But you do not need to be depressed about it. You can add portions that prove of wholesome goodness qualifying as a deliciously healthy salad. Just remember some basic and simple hacks that can make your meal lip smacking and absolutely fat free! Do not ever forget to add freshly cut vegetables or fruits to your salad – they are the basic ingredients, and are rich in fibre and proteins. Vegetables such as red onions, capsicum, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes, not only make way for a balanced diet but are quite filling. Add tofu, corn, olives, chickpeas or sprouts to make it more interesting. Additionally all these ingredients too are rich in proteins. If you want your salad to have a sweet taste, you can try adding a dash of Veeba sweet chilli dipping sauce and transform its taste.

Change is constant, and it is better to keep revising the taste of your salad or sandwiches to keep your taste buds excited. Keep trying new healthier ingredients, and toss them with different sauces such as honey mustard dressing. Recipe of a making a great salad is how innovative you can be, while keeping calories in control. Happy Munchin’!


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