Decadent Salads for the fitness newbie

It’s always been pizzas and burgers for you intercepted by generous amounts of butter chicken and dal makhani. The concept of a healthy meal has never caught on to you, for those leafy greens look inedible and uninviting. You never quite understood why people create such a fuss about eating healthy until the weighing scale turned against you and your health stats went off the charts.The doctors command has left you with no choice but to adopt the lifestyle you had so carelessly brushed away.

You may have assumed that it was an urban myth; but salads can be quite tasty and satisfying if made correctly and according to one’s taste. Salads are a great way to incorporate fibre, protein and good fats into your diet which is going to bring down your crisis situation in no time!


While you can order salads from food outlets, it is always better to eat homemade salad, because you can ensure good quality and perfect taste!

A good way to customise your salad according to personal taste is to only choose those veggies which you feel more comfortable with. If lettuce feels bitter to you , try using iceberg lettuce instead. You can add cherry tomatoes, olives and jalapeños or even sweet corn.    One of the most rich salads is the Caesar salad because it is quite decadent due to the addition of bread croutons. You can choose an easy caesar dressing recipe and make a creamy dressing for your salad.

Once your tastebuds start accepting salads, you can move on to variants in cheese and veggies. Feta and goats cheese are a good low fat option for salads. You can choose avocado which has good fats or make an egg salad with some mayonnaise. Options for healthy mayonnaise  brands in India have increased with super yummy brands like Veeba sauces. It is also important to supplement a healthy diet with light- medium exercise at least.


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