Long term diet for long term goals

Diets have become quite ridiculous these days; fad diets have become popular and diversified majorly, but you must know that these diets are nothing but gimmicks. The fault is essentially ours of course, we are so used to taking the short route to success, that we forget that the success we achieve through these means is often short lived.

Fad diets promote all the wrong things; they either encourage you to eat less, or to cut down one genre of nutrition while stocking up on the other. The consequences may please you in the short run, for cutting out carb, sugar/salt or going on juice fasts may flatten the tummy and give you an illusion of success with the water weight you have lost, but once you go back to your lifestyle, you are probably going to gain more weight than you set out to lose in the first place.

Since as early as pre- school, we have been taught time and again the essence of a balanced meal; one which contains carbs, protein, vitamins, fibers and oil in the correct proportion.

Life has become so hectic; it’s quite a task to arrange for a four- course meal like the kind you mother ensured after you came back home from school. Thus, quick fixes are the answer; packed with nutrition and devoid of unnecessary components.

Your meal should always have a generous portion of side salad, for those veggies are the key to shedding those extra pounds! Liven up those leafy greens with veggies of your choice, lean meats and low fat dressings like vinaigrette dressing for example.

You should eat at regular intervals and observe when you feel hungry as opposed to those false hunger pangs. Incorporate fruits as snacks into your diet.

Your main meal should have carbohydrates as well; pack a sandwich for lunch with turkey ham, fresh chicken breast or grilled cottage cheese with just a smear of honey mustard dressing or other low fat sauces.

Do not ignore the importance of regular exercise if you want to keep the effects of your weight loss long lasting.


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