Your salad dishes, the interesting way!

As the millennial population grows, there has been a pressing desire to eat well to lead a healthier life; predominantly farm better! Corn, almonds, leafy vegetables seem boring in a bowl.

To some, eating salads is abysmal, but a leafy salad actually is what all we need. Vegetables high on nutrients, a little crunch here and there, adding some vinaigrette and voila, we are done! Salads not only keep you healthy, but also fill your stomach with appetizing cheese and chicken and beef chunks.

Here are some simple salad bowls tips that suffice and accentuate your salad luncheon meals-

  • Filled with Mayo: There is absolutely nothing compared to the good old Mayo. The egg based white condiment is loved by all, for its taste and texture. Toss the veggies like the bell peppers and avocado in olive oil; mix the sautéed chicken chunks, midsized leafy lettuce, red onions and boiled Rajma beans. Add the lemony and garlicky taste to it, by simply sprinkling some on it. Fill it all up with copious mayonnaise for a decadent taste. You can either cook the mayo at home or could simple get the best mayonnaise in India like from the Veeba sauces, which are absolutely fat free!  Adding mayo to any dish is actually like the fun tip to ay recipe. Go on, try it!

Sweet Onion Sauce

Bittersweet condiments: All salads have a pleasant and bittersweet flavour to it, provided if it is filled with an assertive condiment like sweet onion salad dressing which just wafts out a desirous and pungent smell that makes the dish even better. Take some olive oil and sauté the zucchini, spring onions commonly also called the scallions and yellow squash, until they turn tender and slightly soft. Mix the cooked orzo, goat cheese, put some parsley and the conventional salt and pepper. Don’t forget to put it in the condiments as per your liking for a delightful taste.


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