Healthy submarines are no rocket science

Going on a diet may look simple, but committing to those healthy ways often stumps most of us. The trick is to keep it guilt-free yet fun. Look forward to your meals, plan them ahead and experiment as much as you can. Salads and subs may be your first resort but making those sandwiches looks like a tricky business, and hardly ever tastes like the ones your order from outside.

The secret is in a few key ingredients and once that is taken care of you will be become a submarine aficionada! Here are a few points to look out for


Everyone knows that whole-wheat/multigrain is the way to go. What you may not know is that mainstream bread companies almost never sell bread that is actually whole wheat or multigrain. Locate a good bakery around your place (which bakes their own bread or curates genuine products) and leave no room for doubt.


Make sure your sub is heavy on greens; stuff that sandwich with as many veggies as it can possibly hold! Fresh crispy veggies make for a delectable sandwich; iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, onions and olives are just some of the options you should go for.


Lean meats like turkey work best. You can even go for tuna but make sure you don’t smother it with heavy mayo or the whole point is lost. Go for low-fat mayo instead. Similarly, choose a guilt-free marinara sauce recipe in your meatball sub.

marinara sauce veeba


I believe the very essence of a good dish lies in the condiments, for flavor is key to eating wholesome low fat meals. Sauces compensate for the lack of heavy meats but even sauces can be deceptive! Use safe low fat sauces from brands like Veeba. Using sauces like mustard, vinaigrette or combining your vinaigrette with a sweet chili sauce recipe will give your sub a good flavor without things getting to calorie centered.


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