Simple party appetizers for this festive season!

Earnestly awaited for, festivals in India are full of glory stories and amazing sweetmeats which are cross between dessert, snack and confectionery. Admit of not, there is a vague tradition of gorging on food a lot and preparing it all at home. The Indian culinary psyche varies around the festive season but mostly revolves around sweets commonly known as the ‘mithai’.

Considering and accepting the affinity and connection of food with festivities, here are some simple party appetizers that you can hog on this time along with your loved ones and have a gala time too. Take a look-


  • Crispy fritter: Seasoned in different kinds of spices and herbs, fritters are a common party appetizer that is found in almost everybody’s home. Crunchy and delectable, fritter are essentially made with vegetables and chickpeas, dried pulses or lentils, flour, coriander and oil. A mixture of all this prepared after cutting and grinding. Turned into small round balls, they are put in flour and further dipped in oil and pan fried. Fritters are ready. They are delicious, handy and can be prepared in minutes. Serve it with a selection of sauces and dressings. If you may, go with a ranch dressing recipe; a dip made from herbs, garlic, chives etc mixed into a mayonnaise or any other oil emulsion condiment. The taste that will emanate from it all will give your taste buds a different experience altogether. Green coriander chutney that is famous in many Indian households goes well with fritters too.
  • Herbed baby potato and corn: To be honest, potatoes and corn are two vegetables that one can find in every Indian family unit in copious amounts. Super simple and absolutely gluten free, this recipe will give a whiff of eccentric taste of its own. Flavored and seasoned in aromatic herbs and served with hung curd, garlic dips or mayonnaise in India, one can surely savor on these and not fret about anything else. Sautéed in mild taste oil, potatoes and corn are boiled and further are sprinkled in tasteful seasonings. Try this; you sure won’t regret the choice. Easy-peasy and loved by kids mostly.

In India, the food traditions always fall in alignment with festivals but it is all reveled in. Festivals are meant to be vibrant, cheery and full of joy. And what could be better to express it through the medium of food? So relish onto these quick recipes and have a great time!


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