Amazing Picnic Staples To Enjoy

Picnics are supposed to be cozy affairs replete with comfort food that you can gorge on while enjoying the company of your loved ones. To plan the perfect menu for a Sunday picnic we have compiled a list of five picnic-perfect sandwiches that you can consider making for your next picnic.

1) Fried chicken and coleslaw sandwich

Being everybody’s favorite, a classic fried chicken and coleslaw sandwich will ensure every guest is happy. Being gorgeously crisps, hot, juicy and well-seasoned along with a creamy coleslaw salad in a bun of your choice, this sandwich is one of the ideal choices for a picnic meal. Add a zing to this classic sandwich by using sweet chili sauce while preparing it. Doing this will elevate the taste of this sandwich and make your guests fall in love with your cooking.

2) Chutney sandwiches

If you want to go the simple way consider, making chutney sandwiches for the picnic. If your friends are vegetarian then choosing this sandwich is the right choice. The mild spice levels of the chutney are perfect to add that extra level of zing to the sandwich. You can add various vegetables to it or keep it simple. Easy and quick to make, these sandwiches are perfect for all your spur-of-the-moment picnic plans.

3) Roasted vegetables and goat cheese sandwich

Another great option for vegetarians is this roasted vegetables and goat cheese sandwich. Add caramelized onions to this sandwich and be prepared for all the praises to be showered by all your guests for your culinary skills. If you want to add another dimension to this sandwich consider incorporating mayonnaise in it. You can make mayo at home as olive oil mayonnaise recipe is quite easy or consider buying it ready-made if you are unwilling to make that extra effort.

Various sauces can be used in all your sandwiches to make them more delicious. Look up their recipes online or buy them read-to-use form from your nearby stores. Among the numerous sauces and dips available, Veeba has an extensive range available. Take a look at their various products to enjoy your food with a twist.


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