Easiest way to prepare snacks

The most delicious dishes can be made with much ease, if only you know the proper trick. One of the best options is to prepare a bowl of healthy salad. It is not only healthy, but also easy to make. So prepare a bowl of juicy salad loaded with vitamins and protein on your own. It also saves a lot of time and efforts, acting as a great option for breakfast. You can always pair it up with sandwich or garlic breads to enjoy a tummy filling breakfast. Here are 3 breakfast recipes you can make with much ease.

Sweet Onion Sauce

  1. Sweet onion dressing salad: In a small bowl, whisk together 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1 teaspoon kosher salt, 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper. Add this to 8 to 10 cups of salad greens that you want in a large bowl. Add lots of sweet onion dressing in this to moisten and mix it well. And your salad is ready to munch!
  2. Subway Sandwich: Take a bread of your choice, slice it in half lengthwise, and place cooked or boiled slices of meat on one side of the bread and add cheese slices on top. Take pieces of sliced tomato, lettuce leaves, few slices of cucumber, 1 small green bell pepper sliced and place them on top of the cheese slices. Finish your sandwich with a heap subway sauces layer. You can easily find subway sauces in India on Veeba’s website. Join the two halves of the bread together and enjoy eating!
  3. Healthy veg pasta: Simply boil raw pasta in hot water, and drain out the water. Pick your favorite veggies, finely chop them, and fry them in oil light oil. Add flavors to it as per your choice along with sauces and add them to the boiled pasta. To enrich the taste, add pasta sauce and enjoy your meal!

Cook the things your kids will like!

I have always had a complaint with my children. They are just too moody and selective with what they eat. Of course, that is my concern too, purely because they are growing up! No matter how hard I try, what new concoctions I come up with, I fail to the power n! They just seem to be throwing food rants at me every now and then, to my chagrin. Too distressing for every mother, it is actually become a big task to cook the things our kids will like!

However, I have been scouring the internet lately to know what my children would like to eat. What can I do to make their meals interesting and tasteful? I have actually come across some nice recipes wherein the nutrition level is on point and the dishes are exciting; at least the internet pictures make it look so! Upon researching, I found out that salads of various types are doing the rounds! So here is my recipe that I loved making. Simple and easy ingredients, try them out!

  • Saucy chicken salads- Children love saucy and zesty stuff and nothing too bland. So even if your veggies are bland, pour in some nice sauces like vinaigrette dressing that makes it delectable as ever!

Veeba Vinaigrette Dressing

Take and sauté chunks of chicken, bacon and sausages altogether in a frying pan until they are crispy brown. Chop lots of fresh veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers and mix it all together.

Pour in some nice mint mayonnaise and sweet onion dressing on salad. Throw in some peanuts and walnuts. That will just give an amazing flavour to the salad. 

Sprinkle some herbs and seasonings. Voila! Your salad is ready! Delicious, saucy and lip-smacking, it will emanate all things good in your stomach!

Serve and gorge on this crunchy salad with your children and make the most of the quality time spent!

Quick And Healthy Meals

There are multiple benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating right and following a regular fitness regime and adequate sleep. A healthy diet does not mean you should starve yourself; on the contrary this would work to your disadvantage in the long run. Eating healthy food increases productivity of your body, it makes you lively and active, it regulates your weight and strengthens your immunity. Healthy heating does not have to be boring and bland, here are a few quick recipes to help you make your diet healthy and yet delicious.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Marinate some boneless chicken breast in salt, pepper, garlic and chili powder. Grill the chicken and let it cool. Take 2 slices of toasted bread and spread some barbecue sauce on it. Cut up some salad leaves (lettuce, rocket etc.), some avocado and some tomatoes and onions. Place all of this on the bread and you have a wholesome, tasty meal. You can have this with a side of fresh fruits.

There are some great brands like Veeba that sell delicious barbecue sauces in India.


Pizza bagel – If you love pizza, but are watching your weight, don’t worry. There is always a healthier option. Pizza sauce in India is easily available in bottles. Apply this on a gluten free bagel, put some cheese and vegetables or meats of your choice and bake it in the oven for a few minutes, till the cheese is golden. This is a healthy and delicious option.

Fish Tacos – Choose whole-wheat taco shells for this recipe. Cut up some crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, onion and some salsa sauce. Use white fish like cod or catfish and cook it in a non-stick pan. Put this together and this makes another healthy and easy dish.

There are many other options for healthy food – salads and soups that you can spice up with low fat dressings. Start your healthy lifestyle today.

Long term diet for long term goals

Diets have become quite ridiculous these days; fad diets have become popular and diversified majorly, but you must know that these diets are nothing but gimmicks. The fault is essentially ours of course, we are so used to taking the short route to success, that we forget that the success we achieve through these means is often short lived.

Fad diets promote all the wrong things; they either encourage you to eat less, or to cut down one genre of nutrition while stocking up on the other. The consequences may please you in the short run, for cutting out carb, sugar/salt or going on juice fasts may flatten the tummy and give you an illusion of success with the water weight you have lost, but once you go back to your lifestyle, you are probably going to gain more weight than you set out to lose in the first place.

Since as early as pre- school, we have been taught time and again the essence of a balanced meal; one which contains carbs, protein, vitamins, fibers and oil in the correct proportion.

Life has become so hectic; it’s quite a task to arrange for a four- course meal like the kind you mother ensured after you came back home from school. Thus, quick fixes are the answer; packed with nutrition and devoid of unnecessary components.

Your meal should always have a generous portion of side salad, for those veggies are the key to shedding those extra pounds! Liven up those leafy greens with veggies of your choice, lean meats and low fat dressings like vinaigrette dressing for example.

You should eat at regular intervals and observe when you feel hungry as opposed to those false hunger pangs. Incorporate fruits as snacks into your diet.

Your main meal should have carbohydrates as well; pack a sandwich for lunch with turkey ham, fresh chicken breast or grilled cottage cheese with just a smear of honey mustard dressing or other low fat sauces.

Do not ignore the importance of regular exercise if you want to keep the effects of your weight loss long lasting.

Decadent Salads for the fitness newbie

It’s always been pizzas and burgers for you intercepted by generous amounts of butter chicken and dal makhani. The concept of a healthy meal has never caught on to you, for those leafy greens look inedible and uninviting. You never quite understood why people create such a fuss about eating healthy until the weighing scale turned against you and your health stats went off the charts.The doctors command has left you with no choice but to adopt the lifestyle you had so carelessly brushed away.

You may have assumed that it was an urban myth; but salads can be quite tasty and satisfying if made correctly and according to one’s taste. Salads are a great way to incorporate fibre, protein and good fats into your diet which is going to bring down your crisis situation in no time!


While you can order salads from food outlets, it is always better to eat homemade salad, because you can ensure good quality and perfect taste!

A good way to customise your salad according to personal taste is to only choose those veggies which you feel more comfortable with. If lettuce feels bitter to you , try using iceberg lettuce instead. You can add cherry tomatoes, olives and jalapeños or even sweet corn.    One of the most rich salads is the Caesar salad because it is quite decadent due to the addition of bread croutons. You can choose an easy caesar dressing recipe and make a creamy dressing for your salad.

Once your tastebuds start accepting salads, you can move on to variants in cheese and veggies. Feta and goats cheese are a good low fat option for salads. You can choose avocado which has good fats or make an egg salad with some mayonnaise. Options for healthy mayonnaise  brands in India have increased with super yummy brands like Veeba sauces. It is also important to supplement a healthy diet with light- medium exercise at least.

Packing your kid a lip smackin’ lunch!

As a mother, nothing is quite as disheartnening as opening an unfinished lunchbox after the little one comes back from school. We try and we try harder, but they still don’t seem to take the slightest bit of interest in their lunch! Let’s combat this universal problem with some lovely and handy lunch ideas:

  • Mini burgers: For a child, anything that they can gobble up in seconds before running out to play is something that they are ready to work with. Pack your child a nutritious yet delicious meal that he/she can easily consume. While burgers can be a handful, with things slipping out of their little hands, a cocktail burger is just the right size! A chicken patty, mini buns and some chicken/paneer is all you need! Smear some creamy sauces for that finishing touch like mayonnaise! India has some low fat healthy mayonnaise variants due to stellar brands like Veeba Sauces.Veeba mayonnaise india
  • Pasta frittata: Little ones can’t get enough of pasta, and a way to use the leftover pasta is to batter it up with eggs and cook it up in a non- stick pan! You will get a protein rich treat that your child will clean off the box! Just make sure you use a nice tangy pasta or pizza sauce In India, you get delicious cheese cubes that you can grate over your frittata for that extra touch
  • Sausage Frankie: Ketchup, cocktail sausage, cheese slice and a chapatti is all you need for this super yummy and healthy lunch! This quick- fix dish is sure to win you some points with the little ones.

Now that you know some seriously awesome luncheon recipes, you can expect that tiffin box to be licked clean every day!

6 Lip Smacking Ways to Utilize Barbecue Sauce

Imagine the tanginess, the rich flavour and the smokiness of Barbecue sauce! Makes the taste buds go on a tingling ride, doesn’t it? This weekend, set your house as a part destination and make your summer remarkable with the lip smacking delicacies that are ultra-deliciously prepared with hot barbecue sauce houses several leading companies that deal in manufacturing the tastiest of sauces and dressings, so finding them would not be an issue. Here are some dishes that can make you the chef of your fun group:-

Barbecue sauce

  1. Barbecue Chicken Pizza – This weekend, let the regular pizza sauce be at rest, and use barbecue sauce instead. Preheat the oven at 450 degrees, spread the sauce and throw in chunks of chicken, mozzarella, cheese, capsicum and olives. You can replace chicken with pineapple, or with fresh veggies and the results will be outstanding.
  2. Barbecue Chicken Burritos – Pour the heavenly sauce on chunks of chicken – or meat of your own choice, saute with choice of veggies and shredded cheese. Wrap them around tortillas, and voila! You are hit.
  3. Barbecue Pasta Salad – Just like Pizza, give your pasta sauce and mayonnaise a break, and try using barbecue sauce. Take boiled pasta, and pour barbecue sauce over it, and toss them with lettuce, onion, tomato, and bacon.
  4. Barbecue Nachos – Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Forget the usual salsa dip, and rather throw in diced onion, tomatoes and chillies with cheese and serve barbecue sauce as the dip.
  5. Barbecue Meatballs – The most innovative way to liven up your party is by serving plates of meatballs lathered in barbecue sauce, alongside soggy fries or mashed potatoes. Thank me later!
  6. Chicken Wings – Because classic savouries shall always be at the top of our mind! Prepare chicken wings interspersed with sticky & fiery barbecue sauce, and serve with sour cream and side of celery sticks.

You can also try the fusion of barbecue sauce and sweet onion sauce Salad can include both the sauces with leafy vegetables and meat chunks, and is ideal for people who remain on tips for their health. You got yourself a barbecued party!