Eat well and stay healthy with these salads

Eating well and leading a balanced lifestyle is essential in today’s time. With a hurried life that we all are living, it is abysmal to learn that young kids have health issues, leave alone the adults.

There are many ways where one can pursue healthy lifestyle by eating right and incorporating great exercises and yoga practices to maintain the sanity in place. One can eat salads and add green veggies to meals. Yes, the boring salads but with so many yummy sauces and dressings; you can turn up the taste of the banal dish into like no other.

We list down some salad recipes that one can easily make and eat at their heart’s content. They are not only delicious but also high on nutrient power. Take a look at these recipes now-

  • The quintessential Greek salad: One of the favourite salads; the Greek salad tastes amazing when tossed with the tangy and sweet vinaigrette salad dressing over the top. Mix cucumbers, olives, sliced red onions and fresh goat cheese, tomatoes together in a bowl and toss it with some pepper and olive oil. Sprinkle some salt on top! Have it with chilled iced tea on the side. This salad is going to tantalize your taste buds for sure!

Veeba Vinaigrette Dressing

  • The saucy beany salad: When does a salad tastes the best? Flavourful dressings like olive oil mayonnaise recipe. Completely appetising, infuse this condiment on beans, boiled corn, avocado, tomatoes, green leafy veggies and a whole lot of crispy tortilla chips. A Tex-Mex style salad, this dish is colourful and zesty that is quite fulfilling and satisfies your tummy as well. Have crispy onion rings on the side and enjoy this salad recipe to the fullest!

Make an effort and spruce up your salads into new delectable ones!


Most versatile and much-loved snacks!

Many people think that cooking is a time consuming and difficult task, but the truth is that it isn’t. You need to learn and apply few tricks and your job will be done! Some of the easiest food items that you can prepare are the healthy ones. They are good to eat anytime you want and involve less time in preparation. Prepare pasta, a juicy sandwich or a bowl of salad loaded with vitamins in no time! Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Honey mustard salad dressing: healthy food does not necessarily have to be boring or bland. Make your healthy salad full of flavors by adding proper dressing to it. First of all take a small bowl, and whisk together in it 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1 teaspoon kosher salt, and 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper. Add this to 8 to 10 cups of salad greens in a large bowl. Pour enough honey mustard dressing on the prepared salad to moisten and mix well!

honey mustard salad dressing

  1. Veg pizza with red sauce: get pizza base from the market and spread pizza sauce on it. Add finely chopped vegetables to it along with crushed cheese on the top. Bake it in oven until the cheese melts and merges with the veggies. Making your own pizza at home is an easy task as you can get pizza sauce in India on Veeba’s website.

3. Veg alfa sprouts andwich: combine 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 4 tbsp finely chopped basil, 4 tbsp finely chopped tomatoes, and 4 tbsp alfa-alfa sprouts together. Add salt and pepper to it according to taste and mix well. Divide this stuffing into 4 equal portions and keep aside. Now place 2 bread slices on a plate and apply little butter-mustard paste. Put 1 lettuce on 1 bread slice, add 1 portion of the prepared stuffing and cover with another bread slice with the buttered-mustard side facing downwards. Do this with other bread slices too to prepare 4 sandwiches!

Take these healthy meals to your office

Hundreds of thousands of us are suffering from acute back pains, body aches and have twisted lifestyle, courtesy- office! Falling prey to such problems at young ages, sounds familiar? Why not take measures to improve on this and capitalizing on time while we are in office and lead a healthier life?

First step you could possibly take is the sort of diet you intake. Come up with new concoctions and try new recipes-

  • Salads: Salads are one of the healthiest dishes to relish on. From their crunchiness to saucy flavours, salads will always be healthy. While you prepare your normal salad with lettuce, fresh bright veggies, add on some crunchy nuts like walnuts, almonds and copious amount of sweet onion sauce recipes of which can be found easily online. Organic stuff always tastes good. Salads are fulfilling, brining all things yummy to your tummy. So try different ways, mix match ingredients, pour in some tasteful condiments and produce your fresh salad.

Veeba Sweet Onion Sauce

  • Sandwiches: While growing up, we have all enjoyed gorging on sandwiches purely how they were ready to be eaten, in like no time. Cooked with ease, universally liked by all, sandwiches are healthy when you add on fresh veggies. The conventional way to make a sandwich is by spreading melted butter, some soulful chutney over the bread. This time try putting on a condiment like original thousand island dressing recipe over the bread loaf, get grainy bread like a multi honey oat or honey oat, toast it in cheese or butter, fill in some veggies like lettuce, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives, jalapenos. Add on some mint mayo so that it doesn’t taste bland. Voila, your healthy sandwich is ready. The choice of bread you eat will make a difference, so wisely pick it up.

Enjoy these delectable easy recipes and munch on in office!

Your salad dishes, the interesting way!

As the millennial population grows, there has been a pressing desire to eat well to lead a healthier life; predominantly farm better! Corn, almonds, leafy vegetables seem boring in a bowl.

To some, eating salads is abysmal, but a leafy salad actually is what all we need. Vegetables high on nutrients, a little crunch here and there, adding some vinaigrette and voila, we are done! Salads not only keep you healthy, but also fill your stomach with appetizing cheese and chicken and beef chunks.

Here are some simple salad bowls tips that suffice and accentuate your salad luncheon meals-

  • Filled with Mayo: There is absolutely nothing compared to the good old Mayo. The egg based white condiment is loved by all, for its taste and texture. Toss the veggies like the bell peppers and avocado in olive oil; mix the sautéed chicken chunks, midsized leafy lettuce, red onions and boiled Rajma beans. Add the lemony and garlicky taste to it, by simply sprinkling some on it. Fill it all up with copious mayonnaise for a decadent taste. You can either cook the mayo at home or could simple get the best mayonnaise in India like from the Veeba sauces, which are absolutely fat free!  Adding mayo to any dish is actually like the fun tip to ay recipe. Go on, try it!

Sweet Onion Sauce

Bittersweet condiments: All salads have a pleasant and bittersweet flavour to it, provided if it is filled with an assertive condiment like sweet onion salad dressing which just wafts out a desirous and pungent smell that makes the dish even better. Take some olive oil and sauté the zucchini, spring onions commonly also called the scallions and yellow squash, until they turn tender and slightly soft. Mix the cooked orzo, goat cheese, put some parsley and the conventional salt and pepper. Don’t forget to put it in the condiments as per your liking for a delightful taste.

Make the best of your leftovers

Who said that left your leftovers can’t be a delightful culinary experience? There is always something or the other that’s left past from the last night dinner or party; so why not recapture the essence of a new gastronomic journey with the remnants?

Here are few recipes you could try this weekend, making the best of the remainders behind:

  • Frittata Pasta: If the Italians can do it, so can you! Who wouldn’t have leftovers of pasta at home? They can easily be turned into delectable frittata. So mix the cooked pasta with some pasta sauce to coat it. Add eggs and cheese, peppering it with the seasonings such as salt and pepper. In another pan, heat a dollop of butter or oil and tip the above mixture into the pan. Be careful while doing this. Fry on each side till they turn golden brown and slide it onto a fresh plate. Grate some cheese over it and serve it with potato wedges and the Veeba best Thousand Island dressing that could heighten the flavour of the dish.

Veeba thousand-island-dressing

  • Bun Patty: There will always be potato fries at home. So make it into a satisfying filling by mashing the potatoes, bread crumbs, onions and some minced meat. For the dough, combine flour, salt and curry powder. Add water, vinegar and egg yolks. Put all of it into a bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap. Let it refrigerate for half an hour.

Put 2 tablespoons of the filling in big dough balls. Roll the balls in the fine bread crumbs again and fry them until brown colour. Toast the buns with butter on a pan and put in the patties. Serve it with ketchup or an American mustard sauce recipes of which can be obtained on the internet. Mustard sauce’s taste, tang and colour with each bite of the bun patty will please your taste buds to the fullest.