Simple party appetizers for this festive season!

Earnestly awaited for, festivals in India are full of glory stories and amazing sweetmeats which are cross between dessert, snack and confectionery. Admit of not, there is a vague tradition of gorging on food a lot and preparing it all at home. The Indian culinary psyche varies around the festive season but mostly revolves around sweets commonly known as the ‘mithai’.

Considering and accepting the affinity and connection of food with festivities, here are some simple party appetizers that you can hog on this time along with your loved ones and have a gala time too. Take a look-


  • Crispy fritter: Seasoned in different kinds of spices and herbs, fritters are a common party appetizer that is found in almost everybody’s home. Crunchy and delectable, fritter are essentially made with vegetables and chickpeas, dried pulses or lentils, flour, coriander and oil. A mixture of all this prepared after cutting and grinding. Turned into small round balls, they are put in flour and further dipped in oil and pan fried. Fritters are ready. They are delicious, handy and can be prepared in minutes. Serve it with a selection of sauces and dressings. If you may, go with a ranch dressing recipe; a dip made from herbs, garlic, chives etc mixed into a mayonnaise or any other oil emulsion condiment. The taste that will emanate from it all will give your taste buds a different experience altogether. Green coriander chutney that is famous in many Indian households goes well with fritters too.
  • Herbed baby potato and corn: To be honest, potatoes and corn are two vegetables that one can find in every Indian family unit in copious amounts. Super simple and absolutely gluten free, this recipe will give a whiff of eccentric taste of its own. Flavored and seasoned in aromatic herbs and served with hung curd, garlic dips or mayonnaise in India, one can surely savor on these and not fret about anything else. Sautéed in mild taste oil, potatoes and corn are boiled and further are sprinkled in tasteful seasonings. Try this; you sure won’t regret the choice. Easy-peasy and loved by kids mostly.

In India, the food traditions always fall in alignment with festivals but it is all reveled in. Festivals are meant to be vibrant, cheery and full of joy. And what could be better to express it through the medium of food? So relish onto these quick recipes and have a great time!


Healthy submarines are no rocket science

Going on a diet may look simple, but committing to those healthy ways often stumps most of us. The trick is to keep it guilt-free yet fun. Look forward to your meals, plan them ahead and experiment as much as you can. Salads and subs may be your first resort but making those sandwiches looks like a tricky business, and hardly ever tastes like the ones your order from outside.

The secret is in a few key ingredients and once that is taken care of you will be become a submarine aficionada! Here are a few points to look out for


Everyone knows that whole-wheat/multigrain is the way to go. What you may not know is that mainstream bread companies almost never sell bread that is actually whole wheat or multigrain. Locate a good bakery around your place (which bakes their own bread or curates genuine products) and leave no room for doubt.


Make sure your sub is heavy on greens; stuff that sandwich with as many veggies as it can possibly hold! Fresh crispy veggies make for a delectable sandwich; iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, onions and olives are just some of the options you should go for.


Lean meats like turkey work best. You can even go for tuna but make sure you don’t smother it with heavy mayo or the whole point is lost. Go for low-fat mayo instead. Similarly, choose a guilt-free marinara sauce recipe in your meatball sub.

marinara sauce veeba


I believe the very essence of a good dish lies in the condiments, for flavor is key to eating wholesome low fat meals. Sauces compensate for the lack of heavy meats but even sauces can be deceptive! Use safe low fat sauces from brands like Veeba. Using sauces like mustard, vinaigrette or combining your vinaigrette with a sweet chili sauce recipe will give your sub a good flavor without things getting to calorie centered.

Your salad dishes, the interesting way!

As the millennial population grows, there has been a pressing desire to eat well to lead a healthier life; predominantly farm better! Corn, almonds, leafy vegetables seem boring in a bowl.

To some, eating salads is abysmal, but a leafy salad actually is what all we need. Vegetables high on nutrients, a little crunch here and there, adding some vinaigrette and voila, we are done! Salads not only keep you healthy, but also fill your stomach with appetizing cheese and chicken and beef chunks.

Here are some simple salad bowls tips that suffice and accentuate your salad luncheon meals-

  • Filled with Mayo: There is absolutely nothing compared to the good old Mayo. The egg based white condiment is loved by all, for its taste and texture. Toss the veggies like the bell peppers and avocado in olive oil; mix the sautéed chicken chunks, midsized leafy lettuce, red onions and boiled Rajma beans. Add the lemony and garlicky taste to it, by simply sprinkling some on it. Fill it all up with copious mayonnaise for a decadent taste. You can either cook the mayo at home or could simple get the best mayonnaise in India like from the Veeba sauces, which are absolutely fat free!  Adding mayo to any dish is actually like the fun tip to ay recipe. Go on, try it!

Sweet Onion Sauce

Bittersweet condiments: All salads have a pleasant and bittersweet flavour to it, provided if it is filled with an assertive condiment like sweet onion salad dressing which just wafts out a desirous and pungent smell that makes the dish even better. Take some olive oil and sauté the zucchini, spring onions commonly also called the scallions and yellow squash, until they turn tender and slightly soft. Mix the cooked orzo, goat cheese, put some parsley and the conventional salt and pepper. Don’t forget to put it in the condiments as per your liking for a delightful taste.

Make the best of your leftovers

Who said that left your leftovers can’t be a delightful culinary experience? There is always something or the other that’s left past from the last night dinner or party; so why not recapture the essence of a new gastronomic journey with the remnants?

Here are few recipes you could try this weekend, making the best of the remainders behind:

  • Frittata Pasta: If the Italians can do it, so can you! Who wouldn’t have leftovers of pasta at home? They can easily be turned into delectable frittata. So mix the cooked pasta with some pasta sauce to coat it. Add eggs and cheese, peppering it with the seasonings such as salt and pepper. In another pan, heat a dollop of butter or oil and tip the above mixture into the pan. Be careful while doing this. Fry on each side till they turn golden brown and slide it onto a fresh plate. Grate some cheese over it and serve it with potato wedges and the Veeba best Thousand Island dressing that could heighten the flavour of the dish.

Veeba thousand-island-dressing

  • Bun Patty: There will always be potato fries at home. So make it into a satisfying filling by mashing the potatoes, bread crumbs, onions and some minced meat. For the dough, combine flour, salt and curry powder. Add water, vinegar and egg yolks. Put all of it into a bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap. Let it refrigerate for half an hour.

Put 2 tablespoons of the filling in big dough balls. Roll the balls in the fine bread crumbs again and fry them until brown colour. Toast the buns with butter on a pan and put in the patties. Serve it with ketchup or an American mustard sauce recipes of which can be obtained on the internet. Mustard sauce’s taste, tang and colour with each bite of the bun patty will please your taste buds to the fullest.

Quick And Healthy Meals

There are multiple benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. This includes eating right and following a regular fitness regime and adequate sleep. A healthy diet does not mean you should starve yourself; on the contrary this would work to your disadvantage in the long run. Eating healthy food increases productivity of your body, it makes you lively and active, it regulates your weight and strengthens your immunity. Healthy heating does not have to be boring and bland, here are a few quick recipes to help you make your diet healthy and yet delicious.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Marinate some boneless chicken breast in salt, pepper, garlic and chili powder. Grill the chicken and let it cool. Take 2 slices of toasted bread and spread some barbecue sauce on it. Cut up some salad leaves (lettuce, rocket etc.), some avocado and some tomatoes and onions. Place all of this on the bread and you have a wholesome, tasty meal. You can have this with a side of fresh fruits.

There are some great brands like Veeba that sell delicious barbecue sauces in India.


Pizza bagel – If you love pizza, but are watching your weight, don’t worry. There is always a healthier option. Pizza sauce in India is easily available in bottles. Apply this on a gluten free bagel, put some cheese and vegetables or meats of your choice and bake it in the oven for a few minutes, till the cheese is golden. This is a healthy and delicious option.

Fish Tacos – Choose whole-wheat taco shells for this recipe. Cut up some crunchy lettuce, tomatoes, onion and some salsa sauce. Use white fish like cod or catfish and cook it in a non-stick pan. Put this together and this makes another healthy and easy dish.

There are many other options for healthy food – salads and soups that you can spice up with low fat dressings. Start your healthy lifestyle today.

Long term diet for long term goals

Diets have become quite ridiculous these days; fad diets have become popular and diversified majorly, but you must know that these diets are nothing but gimmicks. The fault is essentially ours of course, we are so used to taking the short route to success, that we forget that the success we achieve through these means is often short lived.

Fad diets promote all the wrong things; they either encourage you to eat less, or to cut down one genre of nutrition while stocking up on the other. The consequences may please you in the short run, for cutting out carb, sugar/salt or going on juice fasts may flatten the tummy and give you an illusion of success with the water weight you have lost, but once you go back to your lifestyle, you are probably going to gain more weight than you set out to lose in the first place.

Since as early as pre- school, we have been taught time and again the essence of a balanced meal; one which contains carbs, protein, vitamins, fibers and oil in the correct proportion.

Life has become so hectic; it’s quite a task to arrange for a four- course meal like the kind you mother ensured after you came back home from school. Thus, quick fixes are the answer; packed with nutrition and devoid of unnecessary components.

Your meal should always have a generous portion of side salad, for those veggies are the key to shedding those extra pounds! Liven up those leafy greens with veggies of your choice, lean meats and low fat dressings like vinaigrette dressing for example.

You should eat at regular intervals and observe when you feel hungry as opposed to those false hunger pangs. Incorporate fruits as snacks into your diet.

Your main meal should have carbohydrates as well; pack a sandwich for lunch with turkey ham, fresh chicken breast or grilled cottage cheese with just a smear of honey mustard dressing or other low fat sauces.

Do not ignore the importance of regular exercise if you want to keep the effects of your weight loss long lasting.

Decadent Salads for the fitness newbie

It’s always been pizzas and burgers for you intercepted by generous amounts of butter chicken and dal makhani. The concept of a healthy meal has never caught on to you, for those leafy greens look inedible and uninviting. You never quite understood why people create such a fuss about eating healthy until the weighing scale turned against you and your health stats went off the charts.The doctors command has left you with no choice but to adopt the lifestyle you had so carelessly brushed away.

You may have assumed that it was an urban myth; but salads can be quite tasty and satisfying if made correctly and according to one’s taste. Salads are a great way to incorporate fibre, protein and good fats into your diet which is going to bring down your crisis situation in no time!


While you can order salads from food outlets, it is always better to eat homemade salad, because you can ensure good quality and perfect taste!

A good way to customise your salad according to personal taste is to only choose those veggies which you feel more comfortable with. If lettuce feels bitter to you , try using iceberg lettuce instead. You can add cherry tomatoes, olives and jalapeños or even sweet corn.    One of the most rich salads is the Caesar salad because it is quite decadent due to the addition of bread croutons. You can choose an easy caesar dressing recipe and make a creamy dressing for your salad.

Once your tastebuds start accepting salads, you can move on to variants in cheese and veggies. Feta and goats cheese are a good low fat option for salads. You can choose avocado which has good fats or make an egg salad with some mayonnaise. Options for healthy mayonnaise  brands in India have increased with super yummy brands like Veeba sauces. It is also important to supplement a healthy diet with light- medium exercise at least.