Take these healthy meals to your office

Hundreds of thousands of us are suffering from acute back pains, body aches and have twisted lifestyle, courtesy- office! Falling prey to such problems at young ages, sounds familiar? Why not take measures to improve on this and capitalizing on time while we are in office and lead a healthier life?

First step you could possibly take is the sort of diet you intake. Come up with new concoctions and try new recipes-

  • Salads: Salads are one of the healthiest dishes to relish on. From their crunchiness to saucy flavours, salads will always be healthy. While you prepare your normal salad with lettuce, fresh bright veggies, add on some crunchy nuts like walnuts, almonds and copious amount of sweet onion sauce recipes of which can be found easily online. Organic stuff always tastes good. Salads are fulfilling, brining all things yummy to your tummy. So try different ways, mix match ingredients, pour in some tasteful condiments and produce your fresh salad.

Veeba Sweet Onion Sauce

  • Sandwiches: While growing up, we have all enjoyed gorging on sandwiches purely how they were ready to be eaten, in like no time. Cooked with ease, universally liked by all, sandwiches are healthy when you add on fresh veggies. The conventional way to make a sandwich is by spreading melted butter, some soulful chutney over the bread. This time try putting on a condiment like original thousand island dressing recipe over the bread loaf, get grainy bread like a multi honey oat or honey oat, toast it in cheese or butter, fill in some veggies like lettuce, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives, jalapenos. Add on some mint mayo so that it doesn’t taste bland. Voila, your healthy sandwich is ready. The choice of bread you eat will make a difference, so wisely pick it up.

Enjoy these delectable easy recipes and munch on in office!