Eat well and stay healthy with these salads

Eating well and leading a balanced lifestyle is essential in today’s time. With a hurried life that we all are living, it is abysmal to learn that young kids have health issues, leave alone the adults.

There are many ways where one can pursue healthy lifestyle by eating right and incorporating great exercises and yoga practices to maintain the sanity in place. One can eat salads and add green veggies to meals. Yes, the boring salads but with so many yummy sauces and dressings; you can turn up the taste of the banal dish into like no other.

We list down some salad recipes that one can easily make and eat at their heart’s content. They are not only delicious but also high on nutrient power. Take a look at these recipes now-

  • The quintessential Greek salad: One of the favourite salads; the Greek salad tastes amazing when tossed with the tangy and sweet vinaigrette salad dressing over the top. Mix cucumbers, olives, sliced red onions and fresh goat cheese, tomatoes together in a bowl and toss it with some pepper and olive oil. Sprinkle some salt on top! Have it with chilled iced tea on the side. This salad is going to tantalize your taste buds for sure!

Veeba Vinaigrette Dressing

  • The saucy beany salad: When does a salad tastes the best? Flavourful dressings like olive oil mayonnaise recipe. Completely appetising, infuse this condiment on beans, boiled corn, avocado, tomatoes, green leafy veggies and a whole lot of crispy tortilla chips. A Tex-Mex style salad, this dish is colourful and zesty that is quite fulfilling and satisfies your tummy as well. Have crispy onion rings on the side and enjoy this salad recipe to the fullest!

Make an effort and spruce up your salads into new delectable ones!